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This season’s competition official kicked off with the 20th Annual Dave Schultz Memorial Tournament, held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Spring, CO. With the change to ten weight classes from eight, many wrestlers jockeyed into new positions throughout the field. Also new to competition was the implementation of two-day weigh ins. Both of these new rules seemed to impact both the flow of competition as well as competitors.

Titan Mercury’s roster came in with several adjustments to the new format. Most notably were Champions Nazar Kulchytskyy and Joe Colon, who both competed up a weight class from previous years. The weight change did not seem to impact their performances. Kulchytskyy, both won the Outstanding Wrestler award and the 74 kg weight class, upended former Ivan Yarygin Champion, Rasul Dzekaeva of Russia, 5-3. 61 kg. Champion, Joe Colon scored a total of 42 points as he bested fellow TMWC wrestler Chris Dardanes and Sunkist Kids wrestlers, Tony Ramos and Nashon Garrett. Colon earned techs against both Ramos and Garrett en-route to his title. Also claiming titles was Nick Helfin who took on fellow TMWC wrestler, Timmy McCall in the finals. Heflin capped off his run to the 92 kg. title with a pin half way into the first period against McCall.

Overall Team Titan Mercury claimed their 6th consecutive Dave Schultz Memorial Men’s Freestyle title. The club won by a commanding lead with a total of 94 team points to team runner ups, Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club, who scored 45 team points. The NYAC came in third place with a total of 34 points, followed by teams from Russia and Korea in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

On the women’s side, TMWC claimed a runner up team finish. This was the first time that Titan Mercury had been beaten as a team by a domestic club since the club’s inception in 2012. TMWC was narrowly edged by three points by the New York Athletic Club. In what proved to be a great race to the finish, NYAC came up with a total of 62 points to Titan Mercury’s 59 points. Coming up with a third place finish was the Sunkist kids with 47 points, followed by team Japan and the U.S. Army, respectively.

Titan Mercury was lead by Forrest Molinari, who faced off against World Team member and fellow TMWC wrestler, Mallory Velte. In a match of great tactical opposition, Molinari was able to claim the title with a narrow 4-2 win at the end of the match. Along with Velte, Alex Glaude and Tamyra Mensah claimed runner up placings. Glaude has made her transition into the senior level circuit, at this year’s Schultz, while Mensah moved up to 76 kg. to face off against Adeline Gray.

Below is a complete look at wrestler’s and team results.

Individual Results: Men’s Freestyle

David Terao 57 kg: 4TH place

LOSS vs Austin Miller (Buffalo RTC); 0-7

WIN vs Minsu Cho (Korea); 12-6

WIN vs Don Choi (Korea); 0-0

LOSS vs Erin Golston (NYAC); 10-13

Eddie Klimara 57 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Samat Uuliu (Kyrzgstan); 3-10

LOSS vs Joey Dance (NYAC); 5-6

Joe Colon 61 kg: Champion

WIN vs Chris Dardanes (TMWC); 14-12

WIN vs Tony Ramos (SKWC); 14-3

WIN vs Nashon Garrett (SKWC); 14-3

Cody Brewer 61 kg: Bronze

WIN vs Johnni DiJulius (NYAC); 12-2

WIN vs Daniel Deshazer (MST); 8-0

LOSS vs Nashon Garrett (SKWC); 7-15

WIN vs Sung Kim (Korea); 12-1

WIN vs Tony Ramos (SKWC); 6-5

Shelton Mack 61 kg: DNP

WIN vs Yusoke Kawano (Japan); 10-2

LOSS vs Nashon Garrett (SKWC); 8-15

LOSS vs Jose Rodriguez (NLWC); 6-9

Chris Dardanes 61 kg: DNP

WIN vs Jose Rodriguez (NLWC); 11-0

LOSS vs Joe Colon (TMWC); 12-14

LOSS vs Yusoke Kawano (Japan); 0-10

BJ Futrell 65 kg: Runner Up

WIN vs Vincent Leone (Rhino WC); 11-0

WIN vs Sang Park (Korea); 2-0

WIN vs Darrius Little (LVWC); 10-0

LOSS vs Seung Lee (Korea); 4-4

Evan Henderson 65 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Joe Colon (TMWC); 12-14

LOSS vs Vincent Leone (Rhino WC); INJ DEF

Jason Chamberlain 70 kg: Bronze

WIN vs Matthew Collum (Xtreme); 10-0

WIN vs Robbie Mathers (SKWC); 11-0

LOSS vs Kellen Russell (NYAC); 1-2

WIN vs Michael DePalma (TMWC); 12-1

WIN vs Hunter Stieber (TMWC); 10-1

Hunter Stieber 70 kg: 4th place

WIN vs Ki Han (Korea); 10-0

WIN vs Montell Marion (NYAC); 10-7

LOSS vs Mario Mason (LVWC); 3-5

LOSS vs Jason Chamberlain (TMWC); 0-10

Michael DePalma 70 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Santiago Martinez (LVWC); 0-10

WIN vs Montell Marion (NYAC); 12-4

WIN vs Su Park (Korea); 10-6

LOSS vs Jason Chamberlain (TMWC); 1-12

Nazar Kulchytskyy 74 kg: Champion

WIN vs Dylan Ness (MST); 12-0

WIN vs Rasul Dzekaeva (Russia); 5-2

Michael DePalma 74 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Rasul Dzekaeva (Russia); 0-10

WIN vs Byung Gong (Korea); 7-6

LOSS vs Dylan Ness (MST); 2-3

Pat Downey 86 kg: Bronze

LOSS vs Arsen Musalaliev (Russia); 2-3

WIN vs Gwon Kim (Korea); 11-6

LOSS vs Richard Perry (NYAC); 1-2

WIN vs Takahiro Murayama (Japan); 10-0

Nick Heflin 92 kg: Champion

WIN vs Donald McNiel (NYAC); 7-0

WIN vs Riley Lefever (NLWC); 2-1

WIN vs Timmy McCall (TMWC); 4-0

Timmy McCall 92 kg: Runner Up

WIN vs Nikko Reyes (Valley RTC); 4-3

LOSS vs Nick Heflin (TMWC); 0-4

Vic Avery 92 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Riley Lefever (NLWC); 2-12

WIN vs Donald McNeil (NYAC); 1-6

LOSS vs Nikko Reyes (Valley RTC); 2-8

Nathan Burak 97 kg: Bronze

WIN vs Jong Lee  (Korea); 10-0

LOSS vs Min Seo (Korea); 5-6

WIN vs Henry Willoughby (NB Elite); 10-0

WIN vs Hayden Zilmer (MST); 6-4

Michael Kosoy 125 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Dom Bradley (SKWC); 2-4

WIN vs Zackary Roseberry (NMC RTC); 4-2

LOSS vs Koung Nam (Korea); 0-10

Individual Results: Women’s Freestyle

Cody Pfau 50 kg: 4th place

WIN vs Sarah Allen (Cumberlands); 13-2

LOSS vs Miyu Makamura (Japan); 8-19

WIN vs Hyung Kim (Korea); 12-5

LOSS vs Erin Golston (NYAC); 10-13

Natalie Reyna 50 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Miyu Makamura (Japan); 0-10

LOSS vs sarah Allen (Cumberlands); 0-10

Amy Fearnside 53 kg: 4th place

WIN vs Shin Lee (Korea); 8-2

LOSS vs Sarah Hidlebrandt (NYAC); 0-11

WIN vs Kamila Barbosa (Brazil); 11-0

LOSS vs Witney Conder (Army); 9-0

Jacarra Winchester 62 kg: DNP

LOSS vs Jin Hang (Korea); 3-3

LOSS vs Yui Sakano (Japan); 0-8

Forrest Molinari 65 kg: Champion

WIN vs Eun Jang (Korea); 4-0

WIN vs Mallory Velte (TMWC); 4-2

Mallory Velte 65 kg: Runner Up

WIN vs Deseree Zavala (CWC); 7-3

LOSS vs Forrest Molinari (TMWC); 2-4

Alexandria Glaude 68 kg: Runner Up

WIN vs Randi Beltz (Army); 10-0

WIN vs Chiaki Iijima (Japan); 5-0

LOSS vs Julia Salata (NYAC); 0-10

Tamyra Mensah 76 kg: Runner Up

WIN vs Iselin Solheim (Norway); 10-0

WIN vs Vitcoria Farncis (TMWC); 10-0

LOSS vs Adeline Gray (NYAC); 0-8

Victoria Francis 76 kg: Bronze

WIN vs Aline Silva (Brazil); 6-3

LOSS vs Tamyra Mensah (TMWC); 0-10

WIN vs Kaycee Moorehouse (CWC); 7-2

WIN vs Rachel Watters (NYAC); 10-5

Individual Results: Greco- Roman

Micah Burak 97 kg: Bronze

WIN vs Austin Schafer; 4-3

WIN vs Michael Rogers; 4-2

LOSS vs Hayden Zilmer; 5-1

WIN vs Austin Schafer; 5-2

Team Results: Men’s Freestyle

Champions: Titan Mercury Wrestling Club: 94 points

Runner Up: Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club: 45 points

3rd place: New York Athletic Club: 34 points

4th place: Russia (National Team):  27 points

5th place: Korea (National Team): 25 points

Team Results: Women’s Freestyle

Champions: New York Athletic Club: 62 points

Runner Up: Titan Mercury Wrestling Club: 59 points

3rd place: Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club: 47 points

4th place: Japan (National Team):  44 points

5th place: U.S. Army: 31 points



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