TMWC’s Leathers and Mensah Claim Gold at the Spanish Grand Prix


By: Jonny Ruggiano

Team USA went into the Spanish Grand Prix with a large roster of world and national team members. With the a little over a month away from the 2017 World Championships, the Spanish Grand Prix was used as the last tune up for the World Team. All the members of team USA’s World Team, except for Olympic Champion Helen Maroulis, competed in Madrid. The team was lead by two Titan Mercury wrestlers, Becka Leathers and Tamyra Mensah, whom both claim individual titles this weekend.

Both Leathers and Mensah will be competing at the World Championships, August 21- 26 in Paris, France. They will be joined by fellow TMWC wrestlers, Victoria Francis and Vallory Velte, who earned silver and bronze respectively this weekend.

Other team USA wrestlers competing this weekend included Victoria Anthony of the Sunkist Kids, who won bronze at 48 kg. World Team members Haley Augello and Alli Ragan also competed, however failed to medal after early first round losees.

Other Titan Mercury wrestlers who competed this weekend included Forrest Molinari, who’s only loss came against Tamyra Mensah, by a score of 4-1 in the semifinals. Jacarra Winchester and Amanda Hendey both placed 5th in their respective weight classes.

The 2017 Senior World Championships will be held in Paris, France on August 21- 26 at the Accord Hotels Arena. Titan Mercury Westling Club has sponsored the LIVE stream of all World Championships including the Cadet, Junior, Senior and Veteran World Championships. You can watch each World Championship for $9.99, including archival footage of all bouts at


Results of TEAM USA/ and TMWC Wrestlers from the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix


48 kg/ 105 lbs. – Victoria Anthony, Tempe, Arizona (Sunkist Kids WC), Bronze

WIN Ambar Weibe (Canada), 8-0

WIN Patricia Bermudez (Argentena), 8-3

LOSS Anzhelika Vetoshkina (Russia), 1-3

WIN Julie Sabate (France), 12-1


48 kg/ 105 lbs. – Erin Golston, (NYAC), DNP

WIN Aintzane Gorria (Spain), 10-0

WIN Cody Pfua (USA), 12-2

LOSS Nadezhda Fedorova (Russia), 0-7


48 kg/ 105 lbs. – Cody Pfau, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), DNP

WIN Eugina Bustabad (Spain), 10-0

LOSS Erin Golston (USA), 2 – 12


53 kg/ 116 lbs. – Haley Augello, (NYAC), DNP

LOSS Otgonjargal Ganbaatar (Mongolia), 12-12


55 kg/ 121 lbs. – Becka Leathers, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), Gold

WIN Lenka Hockova (Czech Republic), 8-0

WIN Marina Simonyan (Russia), 3-2

WIN Ramona Galambos (Hungary), 11-0

WIN Maria Gurova (Russia), 10-0


55 kg/ 121 lbs. – Dominique Parrish, (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), DNP

LOSS Mathilde Riviere (France), 0-10


58 kg/ 127 lbs. – Kayla Miracle, (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), Bronze

LOSS Marwa Anri (Tunisia), 5-8

WIN Jacarra Winchester (USA), 7-3


58 kg/ 127 lbs. – Jacarra Winchester, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 5th

WIN Lydia Perez (Spain), 7-0

LOSS Marwa Anri (Tunisia), 9-11

LOSS Kayla Miracle (USA) 3-7


60 kg/ 132 lbs. – Randi Beltz, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), DNP

WIN Arian Carpio (USA), 10-0

LOSS Mimi Hristova (Bulgaria), 4-14


60 kg/ 132 lbs. – Alli Ragan, (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), DNP

LOSS Johanna Mattsson (Sweden), 2-5


60 kg/ 132 lbs. – Arian Carpio, (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), DNP

LOSS Randi Beltz (USA), 0-10


63 kg/ 138 lbs. – Mallory Velte, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), Bronze

WIN Laetitia Blot, (France), 10-0

WIN Jessica Brouillette (Canada), 10-0

LOSS Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia), 7-14

WIN Henna Johansson (Sweden), 7-3


63 kg/ 138 lbs. – Amanda Hendey, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), 5th

WIN Lilia Mejri (Tunisia), 10-0

WIN Moa Nygren (Sweden), 9-4

LOSS Taybe Yusein (Bulgaria), 0-6

LOSS Ilana Kratysh (Isreal), 0-10


63 kg/ 138 lbs. – Maya Nelson, (Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club), DNP

WIN Adela Hanzliokova (Czech Republic), 12-2

WIN Z. Kunangaraeva (Kazakstan), 8-4

LOSS Taybe Yusein (Bulgaria), 1-11

LOSS Ilana Kratysh (Isreal), 2-10


63 kg/ 138 lbs. – Alexis Porter, (NYAC), DNP

WIN Tayla Ford (New Zealand), 2-1

LOSS Orkhon Purevdorj (Mongolia), 0-10

LOSS Henna Johansson (Sweden), 4-9


69 kg/ 152 lbs. – Tamyra Mensah, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), Gold

WIN Noelia Lalin (Spain), 11-0

WIN Olivia Dibacco (Canada), 8-0

WIN Forrest Molinari (USA), 4-1

WIN Galina Bulatova (Russia), 10-0


69 kg/ 152 lbs. – Forrest Molinari, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), Bronze

WIN Kayla Brodner (Canada), 4-0

WIN Viktoria Bobeva (Bulgaria), 6-2

LOSS Tamyra Mensah (USA), 1-4

WIN Olivia Dibacco (Canada), 7-4


75 kg/ 165 lbs. – Victoria Francis, (Titan Mercury Wrestling Club), Silver

WIN Iselin Solheim (Norway), 10-6

WIN Inga Hammer (Canada), 13-2

LOSS Mae Epp (Estonia) 0-10

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