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Titan Mercury Wrestling Club has traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska from all over the nation with their top stars. Each wrestler comes in with the intention to rise above their rivals and capture their spot on Team USA for the World Championships, held this August in Paris, France. From the 57 kg. weight class to 125 kg., Titan Mercury has enough firepower to compete for the title at each weight class. Six of TMWC’s stars will sit in the best out of three finals: 61 kg., Logan Stieber, 65 kg., Frank Molinaro, 70 kg., James Green, 86 kg., J’Den Cox, 97 kg., Kyle Snyder, and 125 kg., Nick Gwiazdowski. Below is a comprehensive look at the TMWC roster in all weight classes and their first round match ups:

57 kg: Tony Ramos of the Sunkist Kids will sit in the finals.

As the #1 seed, Tyler Graff will face the winner of Darian Cruz and fellow TMWC wrestler Thomas Gilman.

Nico Megaludis landed the #4 seed and will face off against Zach Sanders in the quarters.

Nathan Tomasello is the #3 seed and will go against TMWC wrestler Frank Perrelli in the quarters as well.

In the quarters, Alan Waters will take on #2 Nahshon Garrett.


61 kg: TMWC World Champion Logan Stieber will sit in the finals.

For the mini tournament, #1 seed Kendric Maple will fact TMWC wrestler Chris Dardanes in the first round.

Cody Brewer is ranked #4 and takes on Jayson Ness.

Joe Colon is ranked #6 and faces Josh Kindig.


65 kg: TMWC Olympian Frank Molinaro will sit in the finals.

#5 Nick Dardanes will take on Kellen Russell.

Evan Henderson is seeded 3rd and will wrestle Mario Mason.

B.J. Futrell will take on Dean Heil to close out the bottom bracket.


70 kg: TMWC World Bronze James Green will sit in the finals.

Seeded #6, Jason Chamberlain will take on Chas Pami.

TMWC wrestlers Nazar Kulchytskyy (2nd seed), will face Tommy Gantt.


74 kg: Jordan Burroughs of the Sunkist Kids will sit in the finals.

Kyle Dake is the #1 seed and will face the winner of TMWC’s Isaiah Martinez or Kevin LeValley.

TMWC’s Chance Marsteller will wrestle Anthony Valencia: the winner will advance to take on TWMC’s Alex Dieringer, who is seeded 2nd.


86 kg: TMWC Olympic Bronze Medalist J’Den Cox will sit in the the finals.

David Taylor is seeded first and will wrestle Joe Rau.

Austin Trotman will wrestle Nick Heflin.


97 kg: TMWC Olympic Champion Kyle Snyder will sit in the finals.

Nathan Burak is seeded 4th and will wrestle Kleinschmidt.

Micah Burak is the 3rd seed and will wrestle fellow TMWC wrestler, Ty Walz.


125 kg: TMWC’s Nick Gwiazdowski will sit in the finals.

Bobby Telford is seeded 3nd and will wrestle Nathan Butler.


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