Top seeds Molinaro, Green, Taylor and Burak headline a star studded TMWC team at the 2017 U.S. Open


By: Jonny Ruggiano

The Titan Mercury Wrestling Club has entered Las Vegas’ South Point Hotel with their eyes on claiming another U.S. Open team title. Also on the line are automatic bids into the World Team Trials finals at 57, 65, 70, 74, 86 and 125 kg. Titan Mercury wrestlers Logan Stieber and Kyle Snyder have already earned their spots in the World Team Trials, winning World and Olympic titles at 61 and 97 kg, respectively. The World Team Trails will be held on June 9th and 10th in Lincoln, Nebraska. This weekend forty-six Titan Mercury wrestlers look to claim a spot in the trials. Headlining team TMWC this weekend is 2016 Olympian, Frank Molinaro and 2015 World Bronze medalist, James Green as well as a stable of premier athletes at each weight class, all that have a chance to win the 2017 U.S. Open. David Taylor and Micah Burak are also top seeds in their weight class.

Some of top matches to watch in the early rounds include TMWC wrestlers Nico Megaludis vs David Terao at 57 kg. Joe Colon will take on Joey Lazor at 61 kg. Tommy Gantt will face off against Chase Pami of the Sunkist Kids at 70 kg. Alex Dienringer will once again face former teammate Chance Marsteller at 74 kg. Below are the pairings for Titan Mercury’s first round bouts

57 kg:

Frank Perrelli vs T. Lara of BWC

#8 seed Jesse Delgado vs winner of Perrelli vs Lara (BWC)

#5 seed Nico Megaludis vs David Terao

#4 seed Nathan Tomasello vs S. Donnelly (All Navy)

#3 seed Alan Waters vs L. Ludwin (Tiger WC)

#6 seed Obe Blanc vs winner of N. Vega and M. Fuenffinger

Jarrod Patterson vs Nahshon Garrett (SKWC)


TOP BRACKET: Tony Ramos of Sunkist Kids is the #1 seed

BOTTOM BRACKET: Zack Sanders of Minnesota Storm is the #7 seed

Nayshon Garrett of Sunkist Kids is seeded 2nd and will face Jarrod Patterson


61 kg:

Johnni DiJulius vs D. Little (LVWC)

#8 seed Andrew Hochstrasser vs M. Tamaradze (Brock)

#5 seed Joe Colon vs Joey Lazor (PWC)

Shelton Mack vs S. Gross (JWC)

#3 seed Cody Brewer vs D. Rivera (Unattached)

#6 seed Chris Dardanes vs winner R. Zyko vs D. Deshazer

Joel Webster vs winner J. Kindig vs V. Leone

Thomas Kimbrell vs M. Cobbs (Trueet)

#2 seed Kendrick Maple vs E. Maus (Unattached)


TOP BRACKET: Jayson Ness of the Minnesota Storm is #1 seed

Joey Lazor of PWC is unseeded and will face Joe Colon first round

Seth Gross is the #4 seed facing Shelton Mack in the first round

BOTTOM BRACKET: Josh Kindig of the Sunkist Kids is #7 seed


65 kg:

#1 seed Frank Molinaro vs Z. Davis vs R. Rios

#5 seed Evan Henderson vs D. Poppen (Southern..)

#7 Nick Dardanes vs winner D. Sparks vs A. Abidin


TOP BRACKET: NYAC’s Jimmy Kennedy is #4 seed

BOTTOM BRACKET: Jordan Oliver of the Sunkist Kids is the #3 seed

Kellen Russell of NYAC is #6 seed

NLWC’s Zain Retherford is the #2 seed


70 kg:

#1 seed James Green vs G. LaMont (Champ)

Nate Carr vs Lavion Mayes

Markus Scheidel vs Jason Nolf #5 seed (NLWC)

Tommy Gantt vs S. Pami (Sunkist Kids)

#3 seed Nazar Kulchytskyy vs J. Lule (Concordia)

#6 seed Hunter Stieber vs E. Gonzalez (Valdez)

#7 seed Jason Welch vs A. Pantaleo (Michigan)

#2 seed Jason Chamberlain vs Michael DePalma


TOP BRACKET:  Jake Sueflohn of (BRTC) is unseeded

Dylan Ness of the Minnesota Storm is #8 seed

Jason Nolf of NLWC is seeded 5th and will face Markus Scheidel

Pami of the Sunkist Kids is the 4th seed

BOTTOM BRACKET: Alex Pantaleo is unseeded and will face Jason Welch


74 kg:

Michael Moreno vs K. Terry (Campbell)

Chris Perry #4 seed vs S. Camacho (Oxnard)

Alex Dieringer #3 seed vs C. Marsteller (Dark Horses)

Quinton Godley vs J. Marqus (All- Navy)

Kyle Dake vs winner M. Bryant vs T. White


TOP BRACKET: Jordan Burroughs of the Sunkist Kids is the #1 seed

NYAC’s Dan Vallimont is 8th seed

Kevin LeValley of the BVRTC is seeded 5th

BOTTOM BRACKET: Chance Marsteller is unseeded and will face Alex Dieringer

Sunkist Kids’ Anthony Valencia is unseeded

Vlad Dombrovskiy of Army is #7 seed


86 kg:

#1 seed David Taylor vs A. Cress (Iron Horse)

Vic Avery vs P. Downey (Unattached)

#5 seed Gabe Dean vs j. Rizqallah (Addix)

#3 seed Austin Trotman vs A. Mua (All-Navy)

Timmy McCall vs V. Terrell (Army)


TOP BRACKET: Pat Downey is unattached and will face Vic Avery

Pete Renda of WWC is 8th seed

Kyle Crutchmer of Cowboy WC is unseeded

Nick Heflin of PWC is #4 seed

BOTTOM BRACKET: Bo Nickal of Nittany Lion WC is the 6th seed

John Asper of NMC is seeded 7th

Tim Dudley is unseeded and will face Keaton Subjeck

NYAC’s Richard Perry is the #2 seed


97 kg:

#1 seed Micah Burak vs M. Williams (Road Runner)

#4 seed Ty Walz vs winner of D. Balmer vs S. Contarino

#3 seed Nathan Burak vs winner of M. Penyacsek vs D. Dickerson


BOTTOM BRACKET: Blaise Cabell of VRTC is #6 seed

Kyven Gadson of the Sunkist Kids is the 2nd seed


125 kg:

#8 seed Ben Durbin vs C. Alvizures

#3 seed Nick Gwiazdowski vs M. Gregory (Unattached)

#6 seed Bobby Telford vs K Courtier


TOP BRACKET: Zach Rey of Lehigh Valley WC is the #1 seed

Justin Grant of the NYAC is the 5th seed

Minnesota Storm’s Tony Nelson is the 4th seed

BOTTOM BRACKET: Dom Bradley of the Sunkist Kids is the #2 seed

Event Schedule
Friday, April 28
9 a.m. (PT) – Preliminaries, Quarterfinals, and Consolation
7:30 p.m. (PT) – Semifinals

Saturday, April 29
9 a.m. (PT) – Consolation, Consolation Semifinals, 3rd, 5th, and 7th Place Matches
6 p.m. (PT) – Championship Finals

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