Royce Alger/ Head Coach:

Thursday, December 1st: First day in the books….3 matches. ..3 wins…I would be fibbing if I said I didn’t have my questionable times yesterday…not one to bitch about refs…but we got royally hosed in at least 2 matches, that could of cost us, if we let it….semi duel…Taylor turned and ankle picked his man, only to be down 0-4….the refs even “conveyed “…in their own accord, and concurred that he was down 0-4…also this scoring system of giving a shut out almost as many team points as a tech, confuses and tortures me….I was shaking like a dog passing hammer handles, waiting for Gwiaz to score a match point, so team scores was not so tight…..and that to me is a defeated attitude. ..want to win match, not just score points….In quarter finals and semis….saw “both” my Olympic golds take a hit….it only proves how we always train hard and compete hard. …there is no pact amongst warriors. …it’s good to see even the toughest bleed….makes us train harder….going to need both of their best for finals….for those of you not up to speed. ..we rented the 57kg Olympic champ for this tournament, from Georgia (former CCCP). …the Iranians tonight, will have 2 good Russians they rented as well…..I am taking our guys over at 10:30 today, for light workout…..Andy Barth told me to rent our own bus….I went to hotel desk and they told me it would damn near cost 14$ dollars: for 29 seater…”each way”…so I called my bank back home and moved some things around, and procured enough cash to get it done….Wayne Boyd has been great for energy and loosening up the boys…telling long stories, that I don’t even think he believes….I did take the floor at breakfast and told a story about Dave Shultz, and how he would spend weeks in Russia and Eastern Europe. After the competitions….always telling us he would be just fine….It was 20 years ago, since we…actually Jan 26 1996…. (36 yrs)….I know I’m in Ukraine, but this is former Soviet Union. ..they are still Commees; to me…I also yelled “Burn…Burn” in the corner a couple of matches…..that is what I remember him yelling while coaching ….everyone thought he would yell technical shit. …he never really did…it was always motivational…so, for you coaches reading this….”Burn. Burn”…it’s a Shultz phrase meaning….get on your horse, like your riding thru the gates of hell itself…..and get the next takedown….got to jump……though I would honor Dave today…..been 30 years….miss him: Russia and America does as well….Out

Wednesday, November 30th: Ok…so weight cutting is painful and something all wrestlers face…but in Russia. It’s the hardest….why? ..because the saunas are “too hot” and the atmosphere outside of them, is far too cold….analgous to that sore throat we all get in the summer, traversing from fridge air conditioning to the painful Iowa humidity….this trip, my lucky winner of the “hardest cut”..went to Dieringer. …pulling 9 lbs in 80 mins….surpassing his previous record of 7….the rest of the frey, I worked out at the venue. …basically having to shed anywhere from 2 kilo to 3….I really couldn’t take a chance on Dieringer coming to venue. In case it had shitty sauna and conditions….he stayed at hotel, and I helped him pull the remaining 2 kilos with him… ( great Hotel sauna which was a surprise)…Andy Barth has been so good to have on the trip…so good at all the little stuff, that I suck at… (ie: bus schedule, meal times, passport stuff….curfews )…he also set up a separate meal for after weigh inns….wondering where he’s been the past two trips….junior barth, Andy Jr…has also been helpful with holding down the fort…baggage handling. …much needed water patrol….and overall good sport….up early at 7 am for breakfast. …8:30 bus with 11 30 duel…..talk more tomorrow. ..good night!

Tuesday, November 29th: The first day flew by with all of converging in JFK. Late a Sunday. …3 straight connections..Amsterdam. Kiev. Kharkov. …was good to see guys mingle. ..lots of friendly banter…great to have Snyder to show the way…and already has Olympic gold….that’s how you teach younger guys…get them around the guys who have won….takes the “mystery ” out of the deal….it’s 10:25am…..catching bus at 11am…skin check…weigh inns at 4…weight not a problem…all with in 3 kilos….makes my job easier. …staying in an all fancy hotel…all resident can’t even afford. …I always feel a little awkward about that…growing up poor….but think hey…hard work elevates your station….more to come….got to jump



Nazar Kulchytskyy/ 70 kg.:

Thursday, December 1st: It was unbelievable what happened out these in the finals against the Iranian team Razi! So many people were pulling for them to win! They are tough, experienced and simply were dominating the world in the past couple of years. On the other side, I’m not surprised! I knew that if we wrestled tough it was possible to beat them. I knew everyone would give it there all out there. I knew if I won my match against Sanakoev, it would be huge. So I watched his matches and came up with a good strategy. I was a great team effort! We did exactly what we needed to get the World Cup! Still hard to believe but WE ARE THE BEST CLUB IN THE WORLD!!! And this is just the beginning for TMWC!

Monday, November 28th: First of all I’m very excited to be a part of this team and looking forward to compete! Titan Mercury has done so much for me over the years! This club is taking care of my training and traveling situation, which makes it easy for me just to focus on the sport that I love. There’s nothing else on my mind but to help this great club to become the best in the World! Our squad looks very strong and I believe we could leave Ukraine with a World Cup!





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