USA vs. Iran: USA needs every fan in attendance at the World Cup!


By: Pablo Di Maria

LOS ANGELES, CA – Team U.S.A will play host to the 43rd annual Freestyle World Cup, the third consecutive year the U.S. has hosted, at the famous Los Angeles Forum in Inglewood, California. Team U.S.A has participated in this event 37-times and has been crowned team champions 13-times. The last championship earned by team U.S.A was in 2003 when the event was held in Boise, Idaho. That year, team U.S.A won five gold medals when Stephen Abas (55kg), Eric Guerrero (60kg), Chris Bono (66kg), Joe Williams (74kg) and Tim Hartung (96kg) won their respective weight classes. Cael Sanderson (84kg) won silver while Kerry McCoy (125kg) won the bronze medal.

Recently, the United World Wrestling (UWW) committee announced the draws for this year’s World Cup with team U.S.A being in the same pool as Azerbaijan, India and four-time champions Iran. What does this mean for fans of the United States? It means that we need to match the intensity, fervor and fan base the Iranian wrestling team will bring to Los Angeles. From the chanting of “Iran! Iran!” to the great camaraderie displayed by their fans should put us to shame.

Fans from all over California should attempt to make the trip and watch as hometown hero Aaron Pico, wrestling up a weight class, could eventually take on 2015 World Championship runner-up Hassan Yazdani. Pico has traveled overseas many times to compete against the best Iran has to offer. Now they will be on Pico’s turf and we need to support him.

Mark the days on your calendar, June 11-12, to see if Daniel Dennis can defeat his Iranian rival by using his signature move, the gut wrench. Can Coleman Scott use his double leg to obtain the victory? Can Frank Molinaro use his strength to overcome his opponent? Can Jordan Burroughs be his dominating self and put fear into the opposition? Can Jayden Cox outmaneuver his adversary? Can Kyle Snyder become the next star for the Red, White and Blue? Can Tervel Dlagnev showcase his skills and technique? Come out to the LA Forum this June and find out. Team U.S.A. needs you!

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